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1、把学习当成一种生活习惯。Take learning as a kind of living habits. 2、学习为己用,何乐而不为? Learning to use, what is there against it? 3、除了学习,我们别无选择。In addition to learning, we have no other choice. 4、今天的努力,明天的实力。


Efforts of today and tomorrow. 5、努力造就实力,态度决议高度。Efforts to create the strength, attitude determines altitude. 6、不与时间竞争,只向效率挑战。Not competitive, with time, challenge the efficiency. 7、为了心中的理想,勇敢闯一闯。

In order to the ideal of the heart, a desperate brave. 8、做人在于知道,学习在于积累。Life is to know, learning is gained by accumulation. 9、学习明白知识,知识缔造人生。Learn knowledge, knowledge to create life. 10、没有最笨的,只有最不努力的。

There is no the most stupid, only the most don t work hard. 11、抓住每个细节,不犯同样错误。At every detail, don t make the same mistake. 12、做人贵在有德,学习贵在有心。A person should be, in the study concerned. 13、深深的脚印,汇成了乐成的画卷。Deep footprints, make a picture of success. 14、结果的优劣在于你是否用心去学。

The stand or fall of performance is whether you to learn it by heart. 15、不问一个为什么,什么都学不到。Don t ask why, couldn t learn anything. 16、放弃时间的人,时间也会放弃他。Give up of time, time will abandon him. 17、人生能有几回搏,今日不搏何时搏。

Life can have a few back to beat, today when cardiac stroke. 18、没有做不完的事,只有用不完的力。No do not over of, only to burn. 19、战胜自己即是战胜了最强大的敌人。To conquer yourself is equal to victory over the most powerful enemy. 20、知识的宇宙需要勤奋的飞船去探索。Knowledge of the universe need diligence spacecraft to explore. 21、生活是一台机械,学习就是发念头。

Life is a machine, learning is the engine. 22、试了就有一半的可能,不试就即是。Tried to have half of may, is to not try. 23、人是铁,学是钢,一天不学,心发慌。

Man is iron, learning is steel, not learn one day, heart trouble. 24、真正的快乐只属于那些努力奋斗的人。True happiness only belongs to those who struggle. 25、自卑和自大的人是世界上最悲伤的人。Inferiority and arrogance is one of the world s most sad man. 26、握住失败的手,让我们一起走向乐成。Holding hands with failure, let us together to success. 27、竞争不是比谁努力,而是比谁更努力。


Competition is not better than who work hard, but is harder than anyone. 28、只有勤奋努力,才气尝到胜利的果实。Only hard work, can taste the fruits of victory. 29、知识像宽阔的海洋,学习如航行的风帆。Knowledge like a broad ocean, learning such as voyage sails. 30、有了知识,你前进的门路才会流通无阻。

With knowledge, you along the way will clear. 31、学习才气获取知识,知识才气改变运气。Learning to acquire knowledge, and knowledge to change destiny. 32、有信心,就有乐成;有爱心,就有希望。Have the confidence, there is success; Has the compassion, there is hope. 33、失败的止境是乐成,努力的终点是辉煌。The end of the failure is success, is the end point of the efforts of brilliant. 34、把知识留在脑子里,把书本放在书架上。

Leave the knowledge in mind, put the books on the shelf. 35、勤奋是乐成之花的蕊,是理想之舟的帆。Diligence is the core of the flower of success, is the ideal boat sail. 36、与其因诉苦而止步,不如为理想而奋斗。


Rather than stop due to complain them, struggle for a noble ideal. 37、校园的漂亮靠我们,我们的发展靠校园。Beautiful on our campus, we rely on the growth of the campus. 38、学习永远不会停止,知识永远不会学完。Learning will never stop, never learned knowledge. 39、真理在于细小探索,学习在于平时积累。The truth is that tiny exploration, learning lies in the accumulation of at ordinary times. 40 只有学会宽恕他人,他人才会更亲近你。

Only learn to forgive others, his talent will be more close to you. 41、抓紧分分秒秒学习,注意时时刻刻积累。Grasp every minute to study, pay attention to the accumulation of all the time. 42、勤奋不是万能的,脱离勤奋是万万不能的。Diligence is not everything. There s mastercard & out of diligence is absolutely can t. 43、有一个坚定的信念就即是拥有乐成的一半。Have a firm belief is to have a successful half. 44、校园是纯洁的地方,也是梦想萌芽的地方。

Campus is pure, it is the place where dreams sprout. 45、走一步,冲出逆境;再走一步,收获乐成。Step out of the predicament; Another step, harvest success. 46、只要努力多一点,乐成的机率就会高一点。As long as you work hard more, the chance of success will be a little higher. 47、有一种天性叫善良,它是世界上最需要的。

There is a kind of nature is good, it is needed most in the world. 48、不追求物质上的奢华,只追求精神上的满足。Do not pursue material luxury, only the pursuit of spiritual satisfaction. 49、乐成和幸运往往倾向于那些勤奋、努力的人。Successful and lucky tend to those diligent and hard. 50、相信运气的人总是在等候,效果总是会落空。

Believe that the fate of the people are always waiting for, the result is always failed. 51、挫折是生活对我们的磨练,我们应微笑面临。The test of frustration is to our life, we should smile face. 52、知识是人生的生长剂,奋斗是发展的催化剂。Knowledge is the growth of life agent, the struggle is the catalyst of growth. 53、只有履历风雨的小草,才会有更绚丽的色彩。

Only experienced wind and rain of the grass, there will be more gorgeous color. 54、人生最快乐的事莫过于为自己的理想而奋斗。Life is the most happy thing is fighting for his own ideal. 55、只要比别人多做一点,就会离乐成更进一步。As long as do more than others, it will be closer to success. 56、自信虽然不能让你乐成,但它能让你不自卑。


Confidence can make you succeed, but it can make you don t feel inferior. 57、学习就像水泵中的水,有压力,才会有活力。Learning is like the water in the water pump, there is pressure, just can have vitality. 58、学习失败没关系,做人失败才是彻底的失败。Failure does not matter, learning to be failure is a complete failure. 59、虽然学无止境,可是我们要尽我所能地去学。Although to learn, but we have to do what I can to learn more. 60、学习是鹞子的线,看似累赘,却可让你飞翔。

Learning is a kite string, look be like white elephants, but allows you to fly.。



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